Make $100 a day on your phone

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you want to earn extra money without having to leave your house? With the advancements in technology, it is now possible to make $100 a day right from your phone. Whether you are a college student looking to make some side income, a stay-at-home parent, or someone looking to supplement their current income, there are plenty of opportunities to make money using just your phone.

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Freelancing has become a popular way to make money from the comfort of your own home. If you have a skill such as graphic design, writing, web development, or social media management, you can offer your services to clients on freelance platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. These platforms allow you to set your own rates and work on projects that interest you. By taking on a few clients each day, you can easily make $100 or more without ever leaving your house.

Online Surveys

Online surveys are another way to make money on your phone. There are plenty of market research companies that are willing to pay for your opinion. By signing up for multiple survey websites such as Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, or InboxDollars, you can start earning money by completing surveys in your free time. While you may not make $100 in one day from surveys alone, it is a great way to make some extra cash in your spare time.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income on your phone. By partnering with companies and promoting their products or services through your social media platforms or blog, you can earn a commission for every sale that is made through your unique affiliate link. With some strategic planning and a strong online presence, you can easily make $100 a day or more from affiliate marketing.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has become increasingly popular, especially with the rise of virtual learning. If you have expertise in a particular subject, you can offer your services as an online tutor. There are plenty of online tutoring platforms such as VIPKid,, and Chegg Tutors that allow you to connect with students and teach them in a virtual setting. By tutoring a few students each day, you can easily make $100 or more.

App Development

App development may require some technical skills, but it is a lucrative way to make money on your phone. If you have coding knowledge, you can develop your own mobile app and sell it on platforms such as the App Store or Google Play Store. With the right app idea and marketing strategy, you can easily make $100 a day or more from app sales and in-app purchases.


In conclusion, making $100 a day on your phone is not as difficult as it once was. With the plethora of opportunities available, anyone can earn extra income from the comfort of their own home. Whether it is through freelancing, online surveys, affiliate marketing, online tutoring, or app development, there is a way for everyone to make money using just their phone. So, why wait? Start exploring these opportunities and begin making money today!

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